For the nut-tella
1 cup of hazelnuts
1/4 cup of cacao
1/4 cup of vanilla almond milk
1 tbs of coconut oil

For the smoothie
3 frozen bananas
1 cup of almond milk
2 scoops of peanut butter chocolate almond protein powder
2 tbs of nut-tella

1. Combine all ingredients for the nut-tella into a blender and blend until well combined, transfer mixture to a container and set aside.

2. For the smoothie, combine all ingredients into the blender and blend until creamy smooth.

3. Add nut-tella to glassware of choice, followed by the smoothie, and finish off with extra nut-tella and hazelnuts.

Serve and enjoy!

All the chocolate, non the guilt. Jump into the Nut-Ella waggon with this smoothie!