Need something colorful to add a pinch of deliciousness to your breakfast? Then a spoonfull of this yummy kiwi smoothie bowl (100% vegan!) does the trick for you. A mixture of the color and flavor, with all the nutrition. Give it a try right now!


3 frozen bananas

1 large handful of spinach

2 kiwis

3/4 cup filtered water

2 scoops vanilla almond protein


Sliced banana

Sliced kiwi




Chia seeds

Sesame seeds


1. In a blender combine bananas, spinach, kiwi, water, and vanilla protein powder. Blend until creamy smooth.

2. Transfer mixture into bowls of choice and top with remaining ingredients.

Serve and enjoy!

Isn’t it appealing? Enjoy a fresh taste of vegan wonderland with this smoothie bowl!