The “LIFE” Company

If you had to ask any of us here at Almond Pro what defines our company, there is no doubt the answer would be “our mission”. it’s a staple in the culture of our daily operations and heart of our core values. The mission is simple—create quality, great tasting products to promote plant-based/vegetarian nutrition, mental and physical health, social and personal positivity, and living the best life possible! Our promise is to place our “Make America Healthy Again” campaign at the forefront of this mission by continuing to support and sponsor charitable initiatives, provide useful information about health and wellness, and push those around us to get out and embrace the beauty of life.  As our brand continues to grow, so will our audience! So whether you decide to bake a delicious batch of vegan cookies using our high protein almond flour or refuel after a hike with our almond protein powder, our mission is to make it so Almond Pro products accompany you through every step of your wellness journey! Take a break from the television, go for a walk, embark on a road trip, or step in the kitchen to try a new recipe–no matter where you go or what you do, we’re confident you’ll be as happy to bring Almond Pro products with you as we are to have put them in your hands. Here’s to life!


Caulen F.

Caulen F.



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