Fitness for Beginners: The Guide to a Healthy Life

Getting healthy is not something that happens in a second. To me, it took several wake-up calls from my body. I spend too much time getting medical checkups to realize that maybe they were signs. Once I took the time to really listen to what it had to say, I decided to get healthy. That’s when fitness started to look like an option for me. I was a newbie, and I’m sure that many of you are in the same place I was a while ago. Sometimes, it just takes a little push to get into it! So why don’t you try this simple guide to fitness for beginners?

What’s fitness for beginners?

It’s a common question for those that are starting to come to terms with their health changes. Fitness for beginners is not more than the small changes you make on the get-go to get healthy. They are small, but meaningful, and need to be considered when you’re really trying to improve your health the right way. It’s not a trend either: it’s a lifestyle change. It’s something you’re going to do and stick to over the course of your life. And it’s not simple, but it’s effective.

For beginners, being fit will mean giving up and making extra efforts. To me, it means waking up at 6 a.m. to walk to ingrain the habit of working out. After a while, it meant jogging and then hitting the gym really early to have time to do the rest of the things in my life. Then it meant that I had to give up sodas and comfort food (to me, it meant a bunch of donuts). Fitness for beginners can be a pain; I suffered by giving up my donuts! But in the end, it paid out: my health improved and I got more energy!

For the initiated, it means pain. It means cramps and moodiness. Sometimes it also means tears. But when the initial shock passes and the personal goals come out, then it’s incredible. It pays out to be patient and take one day at a time. Did you eat that glossy donut because you couldn’t resist? Don’t worry! Stick the rest of the day to your other healthy habits and be more focused next time. Fitness doesn’t mean perfection, but a constant compromise to stick to healthy changes.

What matters more: eating or working out?

It’s a proportion that goes like this: 70% eating, 30% working out. The reality is that if you are not nourished correctly and stay on the same eating patterns, you’ll see no changes. You can be working out twice a day, jacking up in the gym, but it’s all meaningless. Comprehending the fundamentals of your body is vital for your health goals to pay out. I’m mentioning this because some people don’t really pay attention to their eating habits when they are beginning their journey.

Eating healthily doesn’t mean just eating fat-free. It means taking care of what you consume. Think of meals as building blocks. If you don’t have a solid base in your construction, the health building you’re constructing will topple down. How? You’ll be cranky, moody and will not have the energy to workout. So, 70% of your mind needs to be focused on eating well. No nonsense allowed: get nutritional meals 5 times a day and work out at least 30 min per day. That way you’ll see results bit by bit, but that will last in time.

How do I stay on track?

The best pieces of advice I can give you is to make goals. At first, getting fit without setting a definitive goal is common. That’s when most of us give up. Why keep waking up early to go to the gym? Who am I doing this for? These are common questions for those that are starting to get healthy. You need to assess them right away! But, how?

Setting health goals should be done realistically: no nonsense allowed. Think carefully. Thinking of shedding 50lbs on 15 days, is not realistic, nor healthy. Now, losing 30lbs in 6 months sounds more realistic if you are starting to get healthy. Remember that sometimes, you’ll be getting pounds over muscle development, so don’t rely exclusively on the scale to define your fitness goals.

Fitness for beginners doesn’t have to be a race with others, only a personal challenge. That works better. Set small goals in the process. For example, give up sodas just like that, cold turkey. And focus on drinking more water for a week. Once accomplished, set another small goal. These small measures ensure that you stay on track, as you’ll see positive changes with each one of them. Another way to stay on track? Do meal prepping and set times to workout!  

Is there any special secret I need to know?

There are no magic words that I can tell you that make getting healthy easier. The only thing I can assure you is that you won’t regret it. You’ll have a healthy life in all senses. Why am I saying this? When you eat well, work out and are mindful, things start to work out just fine! In my case, my health improved significantly. And this is something that happened slowly.

The secret is to be patient. And to stay focused on yourself. Some people give up their health goals because it takes time. Or simply because they start to compare themselves to others. Some are naturally prone to shed weight quickly, while for others it takes time. It doesn’t mean that you’re failing or that your friend is doing better than you. Focus on your body, listen to it, and be patient. It all pays out in the end.

And you? Can you tell us the tip you’ll say for healthy initiates? Fitness for beginners doesn’t have to be something overly complicated or painful. It just has to be done with love and attention! Here at Almond Pro, we believe in changing bit by bit towards our health goals. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to experience nutrition in a completely different way. We bring you the world’s first Almond Protein and our renewed Almond Flour, for you to get healthy, 100% plant-based!  

Believe in yourself to reach your health goals!
Starting a health journey is always the hardest part of it!

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