Learn All the Amazing Chia Benefits

Over the years, we’ve seen how products evolved. Chia, once used as a toy, has evolved into one of the most important elements in healthy diets. And there’s a good reason for that! For decades, chia benefits have taken over the spotlight and transformed into a must in many kitchens. Today, you’ll see how these amazing benefits can be harnessed and brought into your life to make something amazing!  

What’s chia?

Chia benefits are amazing, but what is this seed exactly? Where does it come from? Chia has been part of the Mexican culture from ancient times. This small black and white seed has been used as an energy booster for them for decades. It’s part of their diet and for a good reason. Chia, in its natural state, grows in Mexico and Guatemala.

The seeds are small, less than one millimeter in size and multicolored. They can be completely black, white, or matted. Their core is soft and dense, while the outer layer is a fine colored coating. They are used most commonly in combinations with other products, mostly liquids. Chia seeds don’t a have a very distinctive flavor, but when combined with water or milk, create a gel. This outer gelatin is what makes chia pudding, and it’s highly nutritional. In this state, the soft nutty flavor is mostly lost, but they are still a good addition to any meal.

Amazing chia benefits

Let’s talk about the chia benefits. These delicious seeds are popular for more reasons than their photo look! They are a good way to bring in extra nutrients without having to worry over how to. Just add a few chia seeds, and you’re good to go! Now, here we list down some of the amazing benefits of these small nutritional bullets!

Contain protein: two tablespoons of chia seeds contain up to 4 grams of protein. This makes them a great choice to bring in extra proteins into your diet in a convenient way. The best thing? You can bring them into basically any meal, spritzed over cookies, sauces or blended into smoothies!  

Are high in fiber: a portion of chia seeds contains 11 grams of fiber. This means that your digestive system will get amazing benefits from them! As they are small and convenient to consume, you can add them to your diet easily. This will allow you to see the benefits in your tummy in no time!

Contain vitamins: chia contains more than 15% of the daily dose of calcium, manganese, and phosphorus. They also add up zinc, thiamin, niacin, and potassium. This makes them amazing to cover up the nutritional basis in a convenient way!

Reduce bloating: consuming chia seeds on a fairly regular regime helps you get rid of bloating. Chia is great to clean up your body from excess liquid. That’s why it helps when you want to get rid of the unsightly bloating sensation!

The seeds help your heart: chia seeds are full of omega-3 fatty acids. These are great to keep your heart and circulatory system running smoothly. Moreover, they help lower your blood pressure and clean up your arteries.


How can you use chia in your diet?  

The best thing about chia is that’s one of the most versatile superfoods out there! This small seed is not only nutritional but also great to combine over with other elements. You can basically eat chia throughout the day without having to repeat one strong dish! Furthermore, you can even use it to spice up your snacks! Because of this, chia benefits can be harnessed in a variety of ways that I’m going to share now!

Chia pudding: this is one of the best alternatives. This pudding can be used as a substitute for eggs, and can also be the base of amazing meals. You can make yummy desserts by substituting 1 egg with the mixture. How to make it? Just add a proportion of 1 tablespoon of chia per 3 tablespoons of water.

Chia milk: combining milk (almond, oatmeal, bran and other plant-based options) with chia is great for your diet. Both of these contain fiber and nutrients and are great bases for other preparations. Mix 2 tablespoons per cup of milk and let it sit all night, then combine however you want!

Chia seeds: just by themselves, without anything done previously. This way, the chia benefits are potentiated by being consumed pure. You can add half a teaspoon to a fresh salad, or pour it over a bowl of oatmeal.

Chia bowl: you can combine chia with oatmeal and create a base for a nutritional bowl. Add the extras that can be dried or fresh fruits, seeds and even other superfoods. Think of Goji berries or matcha tea powder. These make a nutritional and balanced breakfast. The best thing? It’s also filling so you’ll have less chance of craving between meals!

Do you eat chia? How do you do it?

Now that you know the amazing benefits of chia, what are you waiting to use it on your diet? These small and powerful seeds can help you shape up and have a healthy life! They are great sources of nutrients and are great substitutes and punches for your meals. Don’t be afraid to combine them with our Almond Protein and Almond Flour to get amazing and healthy recipes. Chia benefits are there, waiting for you to get them!

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Chia seeds are amazing for you!
These small seeds are the powerhouse of the superfoods.


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