Top Vegetarian Protein Alternatives for you!

One of the things that most people find strange about vegetarians and vegans, it’s the fact that they don’t eat proteins. For them, the animal that most consume to acquire proteins it’s not on their list. That means they lack the much needed protein that our bodies require, right? Well, you can’t be farther from the truth. In fact, they explore the plant-based world looking at the products like sources of nourishment. It means that they find protein in other products, and are more likely to have a balanced diet. So, how do they really bring in vegetarian protein alternatives? Today you’ll learn all about it!

Why do we need protein?

Our body is constructed with chemical building blocks. Proteins are the basic ones. They are the foundation for our bodies. And most of us consume it through meat products, like chicken, cow or fish meat. These are not alternatives for vegans and vegetarians, as their lives are plant-based. These diets require the incorporation of good options among the vegetarian protein alternatives for you.

But what’s the real importance of proteins? Here we bring you a handy list of reasons why you need to incorporate proteins into your diet!

Cell recovery: your body requires proteins to reconstruct the cells. It means that you must have them in order to have the chemical compounds that help build up the cell walls.

Muscle building: when your body builds up, your muscles do too. They require high amounts of protein to grow and shape up. This means that you have to consume them in large if you’re building up muscle by training.

Weight control: proteins are the main source of nutrients for your body, and they are broken down to produce the elements that you use. If you consume them in the right amounts, you can control your weight as you are nourished.

Top vegetarian protein alternatives

Now, you need to know how to bring in the best vegan proteins into your diet. The way to do it is to know how to select them to have the right nutrients. Why is this important? Because there are a lot of sources for plant-based proteins. But to stay nourished, you need to use the right ones! That’s why we bring you the best alternatives for you to pick.

The alternatives for vegetarian protein alternatives are varied, but you need to understand how to use them. The best thing you can do as far as vegan proteins go, is that you must consider them as a whole in your diet. You can incorporate them in all your meals to fulfill the daily quota that an omnivore diet has. Without further ado, here’s the list for vegetarian protein alternatives you must consume.


These are the most simple source of proteins for vegans. Each portion of bean contains up to 7 grams of it. What does this mean? That you can load up your lunch with bean patties, adding other ingredients like buckwheat, to have the perfect portion of protein for your day.


These marvelous seeds are perfect to pack up extra proteins. Each portion contains up to 6 grams of protein! Grinded they are the perfect pair for other ingredients. And they are a great choice to create gluten-free meals, like cookies and pancakes.


This seeds are one of the most popular health alternatives out there. The best thing about quinoa is its versatility. This product is amazingly comfortable to combine and pair up with other vegan options, and each portion brings up to 13 grams of protein.


These are the most comfortable plant-based option for you to have. Each portion of almonds brings up to 7 grams of protein. And each portion is smaller than the palm of your hands! This means that a small almond snack can help you bring up a lot of protein per day.  

How do you bring vegetarian protein alternatives into your life? There are countless options for you! It’s important that you consider that each one of these alternatives can be combined with more traditional ones. Like protein shakes! And Almond Pro offers you three amazing flavors to prepare incredible shakes and smoothies. Try them and share them with us!

These are the best alternatives to pack up proteins when you are vegan.

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