Workout partner: The way to make it work

Today is a bright day. Hence, it’s a good day to train. My training shoes are perfect, I’ve picked a good workout gear, and I’m finally going to train as I should. Except for one thing. Today, I don’t feel like it. I just want to cuddle up until I have to get ready to work. Does this happen to you? I fight the monster of laziness every morning for a reason: I’m not alone in my morning exercise. I have a workout partner! And this gives me the extra motivation to shake up the impulse of not working out to spend valuable time with my friend.

Did you know that you’re more likely to stick to a training session if you get a workout partner? Believe it or not, science backs up this statement. While coordinating and scheduling the training of one, let alone two, might seem hard, it has its perks. To me, it helps to avoid the impulse of staying in bed. For others, it gives them the competitivity to give the extra mile during a training session. So today I’m sharing the experience of getting a workout partner with you.

What’s a workout partner?

Getting a buddy to train is not something new. Workout partners are not the people that are inside the gym or the park walking alongside you. No, it’s a person that works with you from the get-go. It can be a co-worker, a friend or simply someone you like to spend time with that wants to get healthy too.  

Some people actually begin working out because of this! In fact, some of the best training happens when you get a partner to be with you. Why? Humans are not lone entities, and we’re wired to work in a pack. Partnering up, then, it’s not strange. Just because we’re not in need of making it to survive, doesn’t mean that we can’t make the most out of it!

Here’s a list of some of the benefits of a workout partner:

  • You’re more motivated to work out if you’re not only responsible for yourself.
  • A workout partner holds you accountable for habits outside your training sessions.
  • Training together boosts your socialization skills.
  • It helps you deal with anxiety and stress in your routine.
  • Creates a trust bond to share the experience and problematics of workouts.

How to pick a workout partner?

It’s important that you consider that you can not pick just about anyone to be your workout partner. You need to find someone that can train with the same goals as you. Consider this: this person is the closest to a significant other you’ll get without having anything romantic. You’ll share with them the problems and minutiae of your training, and will embark on a healthy road together. Furthermore, picking a workout partner is, fundamentally, a sort of health-marriage.

Your workout buddy has to be as motivated as you to workout. Ideally, you should have a similar goal in mind. Why? Because that way you’ll be working towards the same end. It’s fundamental that your workout partner aligns with you, as this allows a better training session overall. It helps you stay accountable and level-headed. This is because you have someone to talk to when you face similar challenges.

What should you look for in a workout partner?

  • You should trust that person.
  • It must be someone that’s after a similar result as you.
  • You need to be able to communicate effectively.
  • Workout partners must have a similar work and workout schedule
  • The person should be motivated to change their lives.
  • You both need to have a coordinated system for working out.

In my personal experience, working out with a partner should be done with one thing in mind: cooperation. This means that while you might feel tired or bummed, you can count on the other person to lend you a hand or an ear. Cooperation with your workout partner also means to say encouraging words or to simply challenge you to give the extra mile. The dynamics of all workout partnerships are different, so don’t be shy. Just be yourself and make sure to give the best you can in order to make that alliance work for both of you!

Do you have a workout partner? Because you might be in need of one! They help you stay sharp and focused, allowing you to reach your health goals. Share your experience of working out with a buddy with us here at Almond Pro. We love to hear how you’re taking charge of the changes in your life! Remember that each one of us has the power to #MakeAmericaHealthyAgain. Join the movement and be part of the list of Almond Pro lovers that change the world, one step at the time!

Select the right workout partner to really have an amazing training session!
Working out together it’s great to be accountable for your training schedule and other habits.


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