Suspension Training Sessions: What is TRX?

The first time I heard of it I was lounging outside the gym. The instructors were talking animatedly about the new system that they were going to bring into the scene. For me, it was a strange curiosity that impulsed to me to ask the next time I got to train. My trainer told me it was a new technique they were going to implement that had the potential to change how we see training. But what is TRX and how can you transform your life with it? Here’s the definitive guide you need in order to know this amazing exercise alternative!

What is TRX?

Over the years, the SEAL Navy training has been hailed as one of the toughest systems out there. And one of the members of this elite squad wanted to make the most out of it. Randy Hetrick wanted to create a training system that was both portable and affordable. The reason was that the Seals needed to train comfortably in any location, and transporting heavy equipment was incredibly ineffective. He found out that several implements he had at hand could work out to make a good alternative.

The name comes from the acronym for “Total Resistance eXercise,” and for a good reason. In any TRX training, you involve most of your body’s ability to work together through its own weight. A normal training session needs you to be suspended for a period of time. This suspension is what makes the training worth it: your muscles are forced to balance. This means that, on a general basis, you’re forced to use more muscles than on a normal training session.

What is TRX for a health lover is simple: a boost. Working out just with suspension training is counterproductive. You need to combine TRX with other training alternatives to make the most out of it. Cardio training and a good diet are the sure way to really transform your body when it comes to working out with suspension training.

How does TRX work?

When you ask yourself what TRX is, the first thing that pops into your mind is the suspension. While it seems like a simple exercise, in fact, is very hard to do. This is what in the end, makes it all worth it. TRX training works in a unique way; it uses up your own strength to activate the muscles in your body by forcing you to stay in a position. The other alternative is the engagement of a group of muscles to perform a circuit of movements, which are balanced to work upper and lower body.

In TRX training sessions, you’re using your core more than anything. The center of your body allows you to stay balanced and engaged in the activity, and after a good TRX class, your core will be on fire! Why? Because the movements you do throughout each training session involve your whole body, but especially your abdomen. This is the part that allows you to perform most of the suspension movements, as it works as the pivotal point of your body.

What are the benefits of TRX?

Now, there are several reasons why you should pick up a suspension training session. The first one of those is that this can turn into a special training session. TRX is good to cram up as a special training alternative, and even as a targeted activity. The best thing about it is that most gyms offer training sessions that you can book and assist if you want to experience it first hand!

Now, these are the best benefits of suspension training:

  • Strengthened core: your abdomen will be on fire after the classes. TRX is good to transform your core and engage it in a way that no other training alternative can. As such, it’s a great option if you want to improve your core muscles.
  • More strength: your body weight is used up as a tool more than a hindrance in TRX training sessions. You’ll notice an increment in your strength by the use of your body as you’d use weights in a normal training session.
  • Better balance: as TRX uses up your whole body to workout and engages your core; it generates a better balance. Most suspension training lovers swear that their overall posture and balance improved significantly after their first sessions.
  • More definition: if you want to mark your muscles, then TRX is a great alternative. This is because this exercise forces your body to perform adduction and abduction movements. These are the ones that help elongate and shape up your body.
  • Affordable equipment: after you train and qualify to perform TRX, you can acquire the equipment and do it at home. It’s affordable and portable, and you can use it up in almost any location you desire.

Have you ever tried TRX training? Tell us all about your experience!

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TRX allows you to train differently while strenghtening your core.
TRX training is fully functional, and it allows you to try different approaches to your usual routine.

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