Learn the Real and Amazing Stevia Benefits

When most people think of healthy lifestyle, the first thing that comes to mind is sugar. This is one of the main craves and excesses people have, after all! The thought is that when you decide to take a healthy choice, you automatically give up sugar. And while there’s some truth to it, the reality is that you are bound to learn about the alternatives that you can use instead! It’s time to say bye-bye to refined sugar and learn of one of the most popular alternatives out there: stevia. This leaf has been part of the culture of South America for centuries, and it’s time that you learn the stevia benefits for yourself!

As you surely know, healthy habits are more than simple sacrifices. Taking this road in life means taking the measures to consume products that offer huge benefits. And one of those amazing products is stevia! Hence, it’s time for you to learn about it to make your life sweeter the natural way.

What’s exactly stevia?

Stevia is a herb. It’s, in fact, more related to your beloved tea leaves than to anything else you might have in your kitchen. Most stevia leaves are dried and then processed depending on the requirements for their consumptions. However, there are over 200 species of stevia, and you can use each one of them differently. Some are sweeter because they contain more rebaudioside, that’s one of the two sugary components of the plant.

The other sweet component found in stevia is stevioside, and it has a bitter aftertaste. That’s the one that gives products sweetened with natural stevia the leafy flavor. Although you can find stevia in several presentations, even refined and prepackaged products, natural is always better. You can find whole dried leaves to sweeten brews, or grounded for more practical dilution in your beverages or preparations.

What are the stevia benefits?

Now, you might have selected stevia to make the most out of your preferred sweets. But beware of something: stevia is up to 50 times sweeter than sugar. So you might not need to add as much as you normally would. With this plant, it’s best to go bit by bit. That way you’ll have just the flavor you want to have! Regardless of the presentation you pick (whole leaves, grounded or refined) you have a good chance of finding these stevia benefits in your life!

Helps fight cancer: in its natural form, stevia leaves contain chemicals that potentiate the cellular triggers to destroy itself when it finds a ‘glitch.’ This is called ‘apoptosis,’ and it’s considered the main cancer prevention system in the body.

Reduces blood pressure: stevioside, the other sugary component of stevia, is a powerful relaxer, and this affects your blood vessels too. It means that your arteries and veins relax, and your heart has to do less work to make blood flow through them.

Controls sugar levels: while stevia is a form of sugar, is not metabolized as such. For people with diabetic diets, stevia is a good solution to balance their sugar intake. It provided sweet flavors, without giving them a spike in their blood sugar levels. However, you need to consume them with care.

Oral health: amazingly, stevia benefits list down antiseptic properties. Many cultures chew it to fight off bacteria and accumulation of nocive residues in your mouth. And science backs them up! In fact, it’s so beneficial that companies are putting it into toothpaste and mouthwashes.

Have you ever picked stevia over other alternatives of natural sweeteners? Share your experience with us here at Almond Pro! We love to hear how our customers make their own unique take on the choices to have a healthier lifestyle. Remember to tag us in the recipes you make with Almond Pro and stevia! We love to experience how you take steps to Make America Healthy Again!

Include stevia to your meals to get all benefits of the healthiest sugar alternative.

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