Powerbike: The Fun Way to Do Cardio

Stationary bikes have been trending for quite a while. They are a great alternative for those that want to enjoy all fun of biking but indoors. They are also stable, trustable and, above all, fun. Training sessions in stationary bikes are not new for health lovers. In fact, they are a pretty common alternative, and most gyms offer them. But one option that people are trying now is Powerbike. This variation of stationary cycling is proving to be one of the best activities you can try!

Powerbike is one of the best exercises you can try to explore indoor workouts in an interesting way. It’s one of my to-go choices when I need to workout. Want to know more about it? Then keep on reading!

What’s Powerbike?

Powerbike born out of the need to give a twist to traditional spinning. The main reason why this is a great alternative is that it makes you exercise in a fun and entertaining way. The main difference with other stationary cycling exercises is that Powerbike requires you to work in suspension. This means that you are rarely using the seat throughout training.

Most Powerbike sessions last from 30 minutes to an hour, although there are extra hard training sessions that last up to an hour and a half. They are done to the beat of the music, which is mostly fast. Think of something you’d dance to at a party, and that’s what you would hear. Sometimes trainers modify beats to make them faster and to fit the needs for their sessions.

Gyms where you workout this way, request their trainers to be certified instructors. As such, they have expert knowledge on what to do and what not to do in each training. Each class begins with a brief introduction to the sport, and a request to be honest on what’s the training level of each member of the class.

Powerbike instructors go one by one teaching basics and adjusting each participant’s bicycles to its training requirements. Once that’s accomplished, the class is ready to start! Sessions are done in spaces dimly lit, often with disco lights, and are intense and creative. While on suspension, they can request the members to lean onwards or backward while pedaling. This makes the upper part of their bodies works, as well as the lower one.

Benefits of Powerbike

As much as I’d love to keep on talking about how incredible each Powerbike session is, it’s time for me to share the most important thing about it. That’s right: its benefits! Like a training lover myself, I can assure you that this incredible exercise has countless benefits! For that reason, I’m going to list them out, so you know how awesome it is!

It’s a good cardio: the best thing about Powerbike is its cardio benefits. A short training session can make your blood flow and irrigation improve. In fact, it’s recommended for initiates to try to stay on their own pace, as it’s a pretty intense cardio workout.

It’s great for your balance: this training requires you to find balance over the bicycle throughout the training session. To do so, you will use your whole body to stay suspended over the pedals. This helps your core remain engaged and your overall balance.

It oxygenates your brain: Powerbike is quite demanding for your body. It requires you to breathe deeply and augments your blood pumping to give energy to your body. This gives your brain that extra oxygen it needs to help you feel sharper.

It helps your lower body: when training, most people focus on their upper body. Their tummy, arms, waist. But this training helps you shape up your legs without having to suffer on terrible leg days. It’s a fun and entertaining way of doing it. You won’t feel like you’re working them out at all.

It burns calories fast: Powerbike training is amazing to burn extra weight. Each training has a potential to burn up to 800 kcal, which is a nice extra to a fun activity! And don’t worry, you will keep burning them even after you train!  

It boosts your metabolism: like any other cardio session, Powerbike has the power to boost your metabolism. As it’s intense and physically demanding, it puts your body to work fast. Doing a session even just once a week will prove a positive change for you!

Are you interested in trying this alternative? Have you tried it already? Share your experience with us! At Almond Pro, we love to hear how is your healthy lifestyle! Furthermore, remember to share with us how you Make America Healthy Again through our social media profiles. You can win a chance to be featured on our feed!

This is a great exercise for you!
Powerbike is one of the best ways to exercise if you want to do fun workouts!

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