Outdoor Training Alternatives for You

If you are vegans and health lovers like me, I’m sure you love nature. The birds flying high, sun in the sky, fresh air and nature surrounding you. But let me be completely honest here: sometimes, exercising outdoors is extremely boring! Don’t get me wrong. I love it. But I know that after a while, we crave a challenge, something that makes us step out of our comfort zone. To me, outdoor training is just that: my safe place. But from time to time, I want to step outside of it, but having nature’s benefits. Hence: I had to find outdoor training alternatives.

And if you’re a gym junkie, then why don’t you change a bit your routine? I can tell you something: exercising out in nature is something unlike anything else. Yes, you’ll have no air conditioning or mirror, but you’ll have a new way of training. Besides, it’s fun!

Why training outdoors?

Simple: nature! Well, not just that, but you do get a boost from working out in the wilderness. Believe me. Your brain thanks you when you stroll on the natural world. The combination of fresh air and sun makes your whole body change. The sun makes you metabolize certain chemicals better, as well as being fundamental for processing others. Think of vitamin D, which thrives when you’re sunbathing!

Outdoor training does not only improves your chemical assimilation, but it also potentiates your muscles. Most activities on a gym focus solely on certain sets of muscles. Outdoor activities often require your whole body to engage and focus on the task at hand. This makes it more effective for you to burn calories and do a full training session.

Outdoor training alternatives

Now, maybe you think outdoor training can be boring and monotonous. But fear not, today I’m going to give you some great alternatives to do fun workout sessions. These are activities you can do alone or in a group, and I’m sure that you’ll see their amazing potential in a minute!

Just beware of something. All of these options come with a good-hearted warning: protect your skin. While the sun is wonderful, we don’t want our skins to burn. So, just pick a good sunscreen and you are ready to go! Remember to reapply it on your skin depending on the indications on its package. This will allow you to enjoy these activities without later remorse or feeling bad due to a skin burn!

So, let’s list down some outdoor workout alternatives!


This is perhaps the most popular option out there. Convenient, effective and fun, biking proves to be a tough competitor for other outdoor training activities. Biking is more effective for one reason: it forces your lower body to take charge. You’ll have toned legs and better cardiac response. Besides, if you want, it’s something you can do on a daily basis to get around your city in a different way!


By far the least expensive of all the outdoor training ideas, this is indeed a great exercise. Most hikers pick terrains that pose a physical challenge. This activity involves all your body and makes you really pay attention to what you are doing and the terrain. Hikers don’t get a chance to get distracted, as it can lead to a misstep and an injury. The best thing? You can set a hiking session almost anywhere!


Some boxes (or CrossFit lairs) offer outdoor training! These make people do their preferred physical activity surrounded by nature. This exercise uses more gear and involves a team of people outdoors, making it a fun group exercise. The perk? You’ll get to face your body against its limits. If you want to keep on training indoors and just want to do this as an extra exercise once or twice a week, it still works as an incredible outdoor workout.  

Paddle Board

This is an outdoor alternative that requires a good equipment investment. Paddleboards can be quite expensive and even a splurge if you’re not going to use it frequently. However, if you are determined to practice it, paddle away! It’s like a stationary surfing and requires full engagement of your body. Otherwise, you’ll end up underwater! It’s fun, besides being a fantastic way to kickstart your weekends!


For some, this is the most practical alternative to train outdoors. Like hiking, this activity requires a relatively small investment and gives you incredible benefits. For some, it’s the best cardio option out there! To me, running is an experience. You get to focus on yourself and clear up your head. Plug in your favorite music and enjoy nature running!  

There are countless other alternatives for you to experience: from aerial silks and rope jump to incredible activities like exercising with a trapezoid. At Almond Pro, we believe that nature offered us many options to enjoy it. Why not doing it while training? Pack up your gear and experience the power of an outdoor training session! Share with us your experience through our social media and win a chance to be featured on our page!  

This allows you to conect you with nature.
Using outdoor spaces to train will allow you to enjoy and experience nature.

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