Top 6 Reasons Why you Need Fiber in Your Diet

Top 6 Reasons Why you Need Fiber in Your Diet

A healthy life starts with good eating habits. Our body works like a machine, and every element we bring into it, becomes the  prime material for construction, growth, and restoration of our muscles and cells. Proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and many other elements should be included as part of a healthy diet that ensures the correct functioning of our body. However, one of the least considered elements for the health of our body is fiber. It’s incredibly important, yet many ignore the importance of this element. Today you’ll learn why you need to bring fiber in your diet! What does fiber do? Read along! 

What does fiber do?

Fiber is not like the other elements you incorporate into your diet. Unlike proteins and carbohydrates, this substance is not assimilated by our body. On the contrary, it passes through our digestive system mostly undisturbed. You might be wondering: why it’s important if it’s not metabolized? Well, that’s the catch about the actual function of fiber in your diet.

You see, there are two kinds of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Both of them are in almost all the products you consume. For example, they co-exist in complex carbohydrates like beans, almonds and nuts, dense veggies, fruits, and legumes. However, Soluble fiber is hydrophilic, and once it comes into contact with water it transforms into a gel. Individually, this kind of fiber can be found in peas, beans, citrus, and chia seeds whereas insoluble fiber is hydrophobic and can be found in wheat, cauliflower, green beans, and potatoes.

6 reasons why you need fiber in your diet

So, what does fiber do? Well, here’s a handy list:

  • Promotes weight loss: Even though it does go through your digestive system fairly quickly, it’s also great to help feel full and satisfied. As most of the fiber is not metabolized, your body thinks it’s still full, even hours after a meal.
  • Helps the digestive system: Fiber is disposed of almost unperturbed. Both, soluble and insoluble fibers, help your body get naturally rid of unwanted toxins while also assisting in cleaning out your digestive system.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels: Fiber also diminishes the metabolization of other elements consumed alongside it. As a result, your body does not process and absorb less desirable fats as much as it would do without the fiber. Moreover, its structure ‘bundles’ fatty acids thereby preventing their absorption.
  • Prevents colon obstructions: Fiber acts as a purifying element for the colon. Its works as a brush, essentially  scrubbing down and cleaning up the accumulated substances that can cause colon obstructions. This aspect is extremely relevant since these undesirable “blockers” are located alongside the colon, and can accumulate causing pouches that cause diverticulitis.
  • Regulates insulin levels: All the fiber you consume has the potential to help your body process the glucose that enters it’s system. It also lowers the metabolical absorption of consumed sugars and diminishes the body’s insulin resistance.
  • Reduces blood pressure: High blood pressure can be caused by stress, high cholesterol, and high sugar. By reducing these factors, fiber improves cardiovascular health and ensures a healthier lifestyle.

High fiber products are great additions to diets focused on creating a healthier lifestyle. In fact, consuming fiber can be viewed as a small and effective way to change your life for the better! Remember that you don’t have to change your whole diet to incorporate the necessary 25 to 30 grams you need per day. All you have to do is add some delicious and fiber-rich elements into your diet! These can be almonds, cauliflowers, beans, nuts, dense veggies or integral bread.

 So to recap on the answer to the question: “What does fiber do?”  Well, Primarily, it helps to transport nutrients, and cleanses the body of unwanted toxins and waste. For a great, natural source of fiber remember to check out our store! We have incredible options to incorporate vegan protein and fiber from one of the one of the most trusted sources in the world: almonds!  

What does fiber do? Learn it all today!
Your body can harness numerous benefits by eating a healthy amount of fiber.

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