Top 5 Natural Sources of Vitamin E

Top 5 Natural Sources of Vitamin E

We all know our body needs nutrients to stay healthy. That’s a given. For that reason, many decide to implement supplements to acquire those minerals and vitamins they don’t normally include in their diets. But did you know that some vitamins are far more easy to introduce into your body through natural sources? Yes, they are a delicious way to incorporate them into your diet without much fuss. Today, I’m going to list you the top 5 natural sources to bring in some Vitamin E into your daily routine!

Why is vitamin E important?

The vitamin E is one of the most beneficial vitamins out there. It is fundamental to the antioxidant process, as it’s part of the physiological mechanisms for cell protection and metabolization of free radicals. It’s also great for the skin, keeping it healthy and nourished. Also, combined with other meals, it can make your hair shiny and vigorous. It’s also highly beneficial for your immune system and crucial for the formation of red blood cells. Now that you know the different benefits, why don’t you incorporate it into your meals?

What are the top natural sources?

To harness the benefits of vitamin E, you need to incorporate it into your diet the right way, which means, you will have to include the natural sources! You’ll find out that this is a vitamin that’s not only noble in functionality. The variety of sources where it’s present make it easy to bring it in into your diet. If you want to change your life, make sure to combine it with a healthy alimentation and physical activity, and you’ll see amazing results in no time.


With 7.3mg of vitamin E per 1 oz, this is one of the top sources of vitamin E. Flavorful and full of benefits, almonds are a safe choice to incorporate this vitamin into your diet. You can use it as the extra crunch on a salad, or whip it with a smoothie. Either way, your meal will be incredibly tasty and will provide all the benefits of almonds and vitamin E into your life.


With almost 6.9 mg per serving (one cup,) it’s a good way of bringing in vitamin E into your diet. Spinach is easy to incorporate into your daily meals: as a tasty smoothie, an addition to a stir-fry, the key ingredient in a delicious salad or even steam-cooked along with other veggies. All of these are great options to include spinach into your diet.

Sweet Potato

One tablespoon of sweet potato contains 4.2 mg of vitamin E, which makes it a practical option for salty meals. Along with a pot of veggies, in a delicious puree or just lightly fried or grilled, they are delicious and perfect to fill you up with vitamin E.

Wheat germ

One ounce of this ingredient gives you 4.5mg of vitamin E, and it’s an awesome way to bring in some fiber too. Wheat germ can be incorporated almost into any preparation. From baked goods to smoothies, or coating something like breadcrumbs, all of those are great alternatives to acquire its benefits.


One portion of avocado offers 2.7mg of vitamin E. Some consider this fruit the king of the meals. It’s no wonder why people who use it love it, as it offers and wide list of possibilities and benefits. With salads, to make a delicious spread, in addition to a sandwich or chopped and topped off with some spices, avocado’s noble nature makes it a delicious way to consume vitamin E.

Vitamin E should be an important addition to your diet. When you start planning a healthier diet, you’ll surely harness all its benefits, adding it in simple ways. Bring in all these delicious natural sources to your salads, smoothies or your preferred food,  and you’ll see how your body changes in no time. Remember to combine it with hydration and exercise. Besides, if you want to make it more nutritional, combine natural sources of vitamin E with products from Almond Pro. Packed with proteins derived from vegetables, it will help you stay healthy in the most delicious way.  Transform your life! Check out all the options in our shop!

Add all of these elements to your diet, as a simple and effective way to ameliorate your health.

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